I grew up in a small town in Maine where I was always and avid fan of horror and science fiction.  I studied Ecology at the University of Maine and began a career as a fisheries biologist.  After years of working on fishing vessels in the Bering Sea of Alaska and off the New England coast I decided to follow my dream of Special Effects Makeup.  In 2008 I attended Tom's Savini's Special Effects Makeup Program at Douglas Education center in Monessen, Pennsylvania.  Soon after I moved to Los Angeles and began my second career.

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I began working on shows such as CSI Vegas, NCIS, and House M.D. where I was able to work with many talented artists and hone my skills.  Then I moved on to different shops to work on movies ranging from the lowest of budgets to summer blockbusters. Most recently I created masks for the Universal Monsters movie Renfield.

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Since then I have sculpted, designed, and painted in diverse fields such as the Halloween, Toy and Animatronic industy.  I like to keep myself busy so I'm always looking for extra work.  If you'd like to contact me for commission work or would just like to say "hi" click on the "Contact Us" icon at the top of the page.

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                                                              -Chris Grondin